How can you benefit from Conversion Dash?


Our dashboard is your loyal companion for all your Optimisation meetings.

Have your top line A/B Testing results ready so you can face any audience at any time.

Dashboard Visualisations

  • Overall Optimisation Performance
  • WOW, MOM, YOY Comparisons
  • Key Learnings from A/B Tests
  • Trending A/B Testing Performance
  • Performance against Targets

Detailed Testing Results

Quickly answer any stakeholder question from easily accessible, detailed testing results data tables.

Avoid the embarrasing moment when everyone stars at you while you dive through comprehensive reports in your Analytics or A/B testing tools.

5 Test Categories 

Structure your A/B tests into 5 test categories, from test backlog to test archives.

  • Completed Tests
  • Live Tests
  • Priority Tests
  • Archived Tests
  • Backlog Tests


Ever failed to present Testing Variants with preview links from your A/B Testing Tools?

Fail no longer! With our Screenshot Feature you can confidently present all your Variants in one click.

No need to log into your A/B Testing Tool to find preview links just to find that they don’t work.

Avoid wasted time to get A/B Test sign-off from the decision makers due to technical inability to present final test variants at that important moment during the meeting.

Testing Calendar

There is nothing more embarrassing than sitting in meetings not being able to answer questions on your own Optimisation Roadmap.

Conversion Dash offers a clean testing calendar that presents any audience with upcoming A/B Tests, current live A/B Tests as well as Completed Tests.

After importing your A/B Test data this calendar is populated automatically.

You don’t have to lift a finger!

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